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Cant find God? Cant find God?

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

People can't find god even when they want to and try to find god. The theif never wants to find a cop unless he's a dirty cop or he wants to f**k with the cop or he wants to go to jail. Where's the god station? Is there one in my city? Do you call it a church? Where's god in the church then? It's kinda hard to hear god above the shouting of the preacher and noise of my mind. If god was really so powerful wouldn't you think he'd make his voice a bit clearer? Or maybe hearing his voice doesn't matter...

Come home soon Come home soon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think that this art is amazing. This piece is not only original and unique but it also suggests an interesting, erotic plot. Even though I'm not particularly a fan of big feet, I don't believe that is enough to even subtract half a star. I can't wait to see the comic come out. I love the moist shading around the pussy, though the hole seems a little high... is that because it's a seyloid?

PetreskoBG responds:

The vagina is anatomically correct according to the species' design.The clitoris on seyloid females is really large and there's a reason for that. Sexual intercourse can't be achieved if the seyloid female does't have an orgasm first.Muscles around the uterus prevent penetration from happening so they need to be weakened.They have wide feet with webbing on all limbs because they are amphibian and spend most of their time swimming aside from living in a large scociety,similar to the humans' .

The comic would be about how this girl in particular hooks up with her boyfriend ( with whom she's exchanging these messages )

I'm glad you like work.Hopefully I will be able to post more soon.